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Cooking for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is almost here! The typical Thanksgiving meal is turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, greens, and pumpkin everything. Why not switch things up a bit? The Gloria Coles Flint Public Library has a huge collection of print cookbooks and online cooking magazines to inspire you...

New Fiction Books!

Are you putting together your fall TBR (to be read) list? I just browsed the New Fiction Book Shelves and found several titles you will definitely want to include.  

Recommended Reading

It’s officially fall! It’s the time of year when the days grow shorter and the nights longer. For readers, it’s time to settle in and read in earnest.

It’s Still Summer

Summer might be winding down but there is still plenty of time for reading.  If you’re not sure what to read, why not check-out a book literary critics have deemed to be one of this summer’s best? The following books appear on several best of lists including NPR, Oprah Daily, and The New York Times. 

Book Clubs for You

Book Clubs for You

Find out about book clubs at Flint Public Library, in our area and online on our Book Clubs page.