Digital Studio

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The Graff Family Digital Studio is now available to reserve!


You can bring your own equipment or use ours. Available equipment includes sound recorders, audio equipment, and mics. You should bring your own storage device or media (typically an SD card), as the library does not provide storage for your files. Most users use an SD to USB device to transfer their files to a computer.

Reserving and Using the Studio

Advance reservations are required. FPL cardholders age 18 and older can use the room and equipment after taking an introductory class. The cardholder who reserves the room is responsible for the room and its equipment. Reservations must be made at least two days prior to your visit and include a conversation with a Digital Studio Technician about your project and your needs. A reservation is normally made for up to a three hour session, twice a month.

File Storage

Your files will not be saved after your session so be sure to store them to a device or SD card. Without a storage device, no material will be recorded.

Detailed Guidelines for Studio Use

  • Advance reservations of at least two days and up to thirty days are required using the Digital Studio Room Reservation Form.
  • The Digital Studio is open to Flint Public Library card holders who are of high school age 18 or older who have completed an introductory class.
  • The Digital Studio is open during most library hours, but closes 30 minutes prior to the library closing.
  • Reservations are generally for a three hour period. Users can reserve twice a month, depending on the availability of the Studio.
  • Like library material, the Digital Studio is “checked out” to the library card holder making the reservation. The individual who checks out the studio will be considered the main user and is financially responsible for any damage or misuse of the equipment, even if a group is working on a project together.
  • If equipment is not working properly, please ask staff to contact a Digital Studio Technician.
  • Flint Public Library cannot assume responsibility for personal items or equipment left behind or stored in the studio. All files should be backed up to a personal storage space/device. Users are advised that if they choose to store personal equipment or files in the studio, they do so at their own risk.
  • The Library’s Internet Use Policy applies to all content and media produced in the Graff Digital Studio.
  • Downloading, copying, installing or uninstalling software of any kind is strictly prohibited.
  • Computers in the Digital Learning Center may be used to edit content. Please note that all files on the Digital Learning Center computers are automatically deleted at the end of your session to protect your privacy and information. All files must be saved to an external storage device (e.g., flash drive) or saved in the cloud.
  • All Patron Behavior Guidelines apply, with the exception that no food or drinks of any kind are permitted in the Studio. To take a break for food or drink, use the Internet Café just outside the Studio.
  • A maximum of 4 people are allowed in the Studio at any given time.
  • The door should generally be kept closed to contain noise.

Production of Obscene or Pornographic Content is Strictly Prohibited

Obscenity and Pornography are illegal under Michigan and Federal law. Users of the Studio are prohibited from using the Studio or Library computers to create, produce or edit obscene or pornographic content.