We have created a community hub with the library renovation: a place for people to meet, read, relax, work and play!

This is a summary of what we offer in room use and describes what is allowed for food and beverages within the building. More details can be found in our Meeting Room Policy and Guidelines and in our Patron Conduct Policy.

The Library has many types of meeting spaces available. Rooms are available to individuals, groups and businesses within our policy. A library card is required to use or reserve a room.

Small and medium-sized meeting rooms are available by online reservation or instant reservation. Larger meeting rooms require an advance reservation and staff approval. Most room use is free, though there is a fee for long meetings, room setups, equipment use, bringing in food, and other special circumstances.

A library card is required for room use. See our Get a Card page for more information. There are limits on how frequently an individual or group can use meeting rooms.


Study Rooms

There are six study rooms on the first floor. Two have lounge seating and four have study table seating. There is no TV display in those rooms. The study rooms may be reserved ahead or with an instant reservation.


Small Meeting Rooms

There are seven small meeting rooms. All have a TV display with HDMI connection available; one room has a projector. Most of these rooms may be reserved ahead or with an instant reservation.


Large Meeting Rooms

There are three large meeting rooms with a variety of setup options and seating capacities. They must be reserved ahead and require staff approval.



There are two adjoining classrooms that can be reserved individually or combined into one larger room. The classrooms are not carpeted and have work-table seating. The classrooms must be reserved ahead and require staff approval.


Food and Beverages in the Library

The Library now has spaces where food and beverages may be enjoyed in the building.



As always, beverages in securely covered containers may be enjoyed anywhere in the library building with a few exceptions such as the Digital Studio. You may bring these beverages into the building or purchase them from the vending machines in our second floor Internet Café. Vending machines take cash, coin and card.



Food is allowed only in certain areas of the library.

At the Internet Café on the second floor, you may eat food you bring with you or that you purchase from the vending machine. The same applies in the Children’s Snack Room which is set up for children and their parents.

In the Study Rooms, no food is allowed.

In Small Meeting Rooms and Classrooms, you may bring in individual boxed/bagged lunches or dinners but not catering trays. When you make the room reservation, you must tell us you are bringing food and pay a cleaning fee. We will provide a special trash can for your meeting and trash disposal after the meeting.

In Large Meeting Rooms, food arrangements should be made with staff when you reserve the room. A food fee applies, which also includes shared use of the adjoining kitchenette.