Test and exam proctoring is available at Flint Public Library under defined circumstances (see Guidelines below). The form for requesting an appointment for test proctoring is at the bottom of this page. Your appointment is not certain until staff has confirmed. If you need to follow up with us after submitting the form, email askus@fpl.info or call 810-249-2569.

  • The student must be a Flint Public Library cardholder to use test proctoring services. See other sections of our website for information on getting or renewing a card.
  • The student is required to make arrangements for the exam. Begin by filling out the form below. Library staff will then contact you by email to finalize scheduling. Your appointment is not confirmed until it has been approved and confirmed by staff.
  • The student is responsible for making arrangements to reserve any special equipment needed to take the exam. In the case of exams taken online, the student will need to reserve a library computer ahead of time.
  • Tests and instructions for the proctor may be sent by the institution via mail or email to Flint Public Library Test Proctoring, 1026 E. Kearsley St., Flint, MI 48503 or askus@fpl.info.
  • The library will adhere to the test-taking guidelines set forth by the institution within the following constraints. Our proctor cannot constantly watch the student who is taking the exam. Proctoring service at FPL will be as follows: issuing the exam, typing in passwords to online exams, filling out forms, noting when the student began and ended the exam, and mailing the completed exam. More than one staff member may be responsible for proctoring during the exam, depending on staff scheduling. The staff member present at the end of the exam will sign as Proctor.
  • If the Library is to print out the exam or return it by mail, the student must pay any out-of-pocket cost to the library for printing and/or postage. Special mailings such as pre-paid FedEx or UPS can be used if the exam is picked up at the library by the courier service.
  • Exam materials received by the library will be held three months. If the student does not contact us in that time, the library will discard the materials.

Request for Test Proctoring Service

You can give us an approximate date, like “2nd week in December” or say “to be scheduled.”
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