Reading and Road Trips!

Its summer and that means its road trip time! Pack your suitcases, favorite snacks, and, of course, books! To keep yourself entertained...

Adult Summer Reading Challenge

Summer is in full swing and so is the Adult Summer Reading Challenge. Yes, adults can participate in Summer Reading too!  Participants can read what they want or take part in fun missions designed to challenge readers to select books they might not normally read.

Oceans of Possibilities are at the Library!

If you haven’t signed up yet to join our Summer Reading Challenge, there is no time like the present! Get codes! Earn badges and prizes! Join in on the fun every day the library is open!

Where do you read?

Do you have a favorite spot for reading? Maybe it’s your favorite easy chair, next to a table that holds a steaming cup of tea and stacks of Flint Public Library books. Perhaps it’s a colorful chaise lounge on your apartment’s balcony.

Books and Music

I’m envious of readers who can read anywhere and under any conditions such as a crowded bus or on their living room couch while their children play loud video games. While I normally read in silence, I’ve recently taken to listening to music while I read.

Find Your Next Read

How do you select your library books? Some readers like to browse the library’s shelves, hoping to discover a new book by their favorite author, or a book they haven’t yet read in a long-running series...