Summer Reading Challenge for Teens

Did you know that there is a Summer Reading Challenge just for Teens? If you did not, you do now!  What makes this even more fantastic is that we also have some great programs just for Teens as well. Every Wednesday during Summer Reading there will be an activity that you can get involved in. From “Life Size” Battleship (ok not actual battleship size, but at least human sized) to learning how to draw Manga/Graphic Novels---there is something for everyone! Some of these programs require pre-registration on our website events calendar, but make sure to have your Library Card handy to sign-in the day of the program!

There will also be three weeks where we have 3-day workshops called Teen Productions. Each week has a different focus including our Green Screen Workshop, Video Game Design, and Pixilation Animation/Book Trailers. These programs do have limited space so make sure to sign up ahead of time on our website’s events calendar. Also note you will need to register for each day of the workshop individually, so make sure to sign up for the entire workshop as it builds over the three days we meet.

We hope you join us this summer for the Reading Challenge as well as in our Programs!