Flint District Library

Committee Policy


Committee Structure

  • Committees shall consist of up to seven people. 
  • Committee terms shall be for one year and renewable each year. 
  • With the exception of the Finance and Budget Committee, the Committees shall meet and report to the Board quarterly, or as needed.  The Finance and Budget Committee shall meet and report to the Board monthly.

Committee Philosophy and Practice

  • Committees are subject to the By-Laws of the Flint District Library Board of Trustees and have only the authority granted by those By-Laws, this Policy, or by specific action of the Board of Trustees.
  • Committees are advisory committees, empowered to inform and advise the Board.  Committees are not empowered to take independent action on behalf of the Library.  The Committees are not empowered with any role in the administration of Library operations and should not interfere with responsibilities delegated by the Board to the Library Director. 
  • Only the Board will make policy decisions. Committees may research policy issues, evaluate alternatives and propose policy options or recommendations to the Board.
  • The Board retains its authority to initiate and establish policy on any matter concerning the Library without any committee involvement.

The Finance and Budget Committee is responsible:

  • to advise the Board on financial policies;
  • to review the annual budget proposed by the Library Director and make recommendations to the Board on the adoption of the budget and on proposed amendments;
  • to monitor the implementation of the budget

The Human Resources & Operations Committee is responsible:

  • to advise the Board on employment policies;
  • to advise the Board on policies for Library collections, programs, technology and services;
  •  to review upon request of the Board library wages, benefits, staffing and labor contracts
  • to support the grievance process as required by union contracts or non-union policies;
  • to organize evaluations of the Library Director using a methodology approved by the Board

The Facilities Committee is responsible:

  • to advise the board on policies related to library facilities

The Fundraising and Public Relations Committee is responsible:

  • to advise the Board in collaboration with the Library Director on fundraising and public relations policies and strategies;
  • to assist the Library Director, upon request, in implementing fundraising strategies and identifying prospective donors or grantors
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