Jane and Larry Worthing Alcove

When you grow up in the Library, you have a sense of tradition.  You park in the same place each time.  You go in the same door.  You head for your favorite chair to lose yourself in the magical world of words.  This was Jane Worthing’s childhood experience.  When her local library moved to a new location, she no longer belonged in the same way.  She felt a deep sense of loss that has stayed with her ever since. 

Flint Public Library could have closed the Kearsley Street location and built a new building somewhere else.  But then that sense of tradition would have been lost forever.  The fact that our community kept this building, and transformed it, compelled Jane and Larry Worthing to make a gift toward the renovation.

The Worthings invested in the Library’s transformation because it is important to the city.  Generations of families have come to this Library, building deep, strong roots that will anchor children for a lifetime.  From the youngest children who come for Story Time to the oldest adults who enjoy seeking out information, everyone has a wonderful place to go that is meaningful to them.  Although the inside will look remarkably different, the building is still the building.  That sense of belonging is still there.  It is still the people’s Library.

Jane and Larry chose to name the Alcove because it will be a place where youngsters can get engrossed with a book and lose themselves in the story, just as Jane did when she was a child. It overlooks the beautiful, park-like setting of the Kearsley Street lawn, perfect for daydreaming or taking a quick glimpse outdoors in between pages. The Worthings invite you to curl up, get comfortable, and find yourself at home at Flint Public Library.

Jane and Larry Worthing
Jane and Larry Worthing