Bryer-Hurand Storytime Garden

Family and community connections run deep in the Bryer and Hurand families, and they converge in Flint for the good of all.

Ben Bryer immigrated to Flint with his mother and sister to escape World War I. His mom, Leah, died very young of a preventable disease. That prompted young Ben to become a doctor. He moved away from Flint for college and served in World War II before beginning his medical career. He never returned.

But those connections ran strong and true. Ben’s sister Bess stayed in Flint and married Arthur Hurand. That brother-sister connection, along with his fond memories of Flint, prompted Ben to make many gifts enriching the Flint community. Ultimately he used some of his earnings to start the Ben F. Bryer Foundation and appointed family members as trustees. That Foundation has made many significant investments in Flint over the years, including this gift to Flint Public Library.

Arthur and Bess Hurand taught their children that everyone is important. Each person matters, regardless of their station in life. Bess was the strength of the family, a kind and thoughtful woman whose personality enriched all those who knew her. One of Arthur’s many gifts was the ability to bring people together. He demonstrated this skill during his service in World War II as well as in his business life. As a successful entrepreneur, he always said that you don’t ask someone to do something you’re not willing to do yourself. He made everyone feel like they could unite to accomplish challenging goals, and his legacy of enthusiasm lives on to this day. The Arthur Hurand Award, an annual philanthropic award presented by the Flint Area Chamber of Commerce, recognizes an individual or organization that exemplifies outstanding community spirit.

The Ben F. Bryer Foundation and The Hurand Family have chosen to commemorate this strong legacy of community involvement and family unity by naming the outdoor garden. It is a gathering place where children will learn to love reading and a haven for those seeking a quiet place to renew their spirits.

Ben F. Bryer Foundation and The Hurand Family
Hurand and Bryer Families