Big John Steak & Onion Aquarium

Our country is full of stories about immigrants who sought a better life and succeeded.  The Klobucher family of Flint is a living example of such stories.  The family came from Croatia, first living in Minnesota and then later coming to Flint so that dad could work in the auto industry. 

The Klobucher family put education front and center, believing that it was the route to self-improvement and success.  Given that emphasis, it’s no wonder that young Joe Klobucher made the Library one of the entertainment centers in his life.

Both Joe and his brother John had their roots – and their passion – in Flint.  And they built on that passion.  John founded Big John Steak & Onion, providing outstanding food for customers and reliable work opportunities for employees.  Joe became a teacher, and the Director of Community Schools in Caro.  He was, for all intents and purposes, the founder of community education in the Thumb area of Michigan.  After John passed away in 2011, Joe took over the reins of Big John.  

Joe has always reached out in both his personal and professional life to help others help themselves.  That’s why he supports Flint Public Library.  He believes that libraries are one of the basic things that help people improve or enjoy their lives. As a former teacher, it’s natural for him to support continuing education in all its many forms.  The Library’s mission aligns perfectly with what he believes is important.

Joe gives because he wants to better the Flint community.  He knows how important it is for Flint Public Library to remain current and relevant.  For him, the Library is a jewel, and he wants it to be there for the next generation.

Joseph Klobucher
Big John Steak & Onion