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General Help

Dictionary/Thesaurus - What does that word mean? Look it up! Need help finding words that mean the same thing? Check out the thesaurus!

World Book Encyclopedia - A great encyclopedia for reports.

Homework Spot - This site has help for elementary, middle, and high school students, with a reference section and resources for parents and teachers.

Reverse Dictionary - This dictionary will help you find the right word for a phrase you describe. Cool!

How Many - A dictionary of units of measurement .



Dolch Kit - Find here lists of common "sight" words for pre-readers through second grade.

Gus and Inky - A great phonics game that is entertaining for kids.


International Children's Digital Library - This site is a public library for children, featuring over 900 titles in 34 languages!

Cliffs notes online - There's no substistute for reading the book, but these famous guides will help you see if you've missed anything!


English Help - Learn parts of speech, types of sentences, and how to read to succeed.

Landmarks Citation Machine - This site will help you correctly cite sources.


National Geographic for Kids - Explore the world!

Culturegrams - Find information on countries around the world.

CIA World Factbook - Another great resource for current information on countries around the world.

World Book for Kids - A World Book Encyclopedia online for kids with lots of extras.


African American History - This is a link to another page with some of the wonderful resources on famous African Americans.

Anne Frank Web Site - This website contains all kinds of information about Anne Frank and the Second World War. You can use it to help you do a project or give a talk. It can give you ideas for a topic, and you can collect relevant information and images.


White House for Kids - Presidental profiles, photos, and more.

Kids.gov - This site, maintained by the federal government, offers links to find out about different parts of the federal government, and some fun facts.

FBI for Kids - Learn more about the FBI through games, tips, stories and interactives.


AAA Math - Hundreds of pages of Basic Math Skills, with an explanation of the math topic on each page. Math problems are randomly created.

Create a Graph Classic - Need to do a chart or graph for homework? This site makes it easy!

Hooda Math - A site dedicated to making math fun and easy!

Math ebook.net - A fully interactive website that will allow kids to practice and learn math with ease.


Science Fair - Find project ideas here!

Human Anatomy Online - Find out the names of all of your bones, muscles, organs, and more!

Neuroscience for Kids - A site created for students and teachers who would like to learn more about the nervous system.

The Eight Planets - Find out all about our wonderfully cool solar system, and what happened to Pluto!

Identifying Trees of Michigan - Want to learn more about Michigan trees? This publication will tell you all you need to know!

Foreign Language

Muti-Language Dictionary - Great for translating between languages. Includes Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Russian dictionaries.






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