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How the Zebra Got Its Stripes

by James

Have you ever wondered how zebras got their stripes? Well, this is the true story that I’m going to tell you.

One hundred years ago a man named Brunswick lost his uncle. His uncle had a prosperous farm and when he died, he gave the deed to Brunswick.

Brunswick said, “Lucky me.” Now Brunswick was named after the province where he was born, so of course, he was born in New Brunswick, but people called him Brunswick for short.

Brunswick was a strange, but kind man. When he got the farm he decided that he didn’t want it to grow crops. He wanted the farm to raise animals, so he bought cows, a dog, pigs, horses, and chickens. Then he did a strange thing, he also bought some zebras from Africa.

Brunswick treated all his animals special, especially Willlie the Zebra. He treated Willie like a child.

Like I said, Brunswick was a strange man who talked to his animals. Once he said to his pigs, “Would you like more mud to role around in?” And when they would make a noise he could understand.

Then one day when Brunswick was driving home, his car broke down. Brunswick said to himself, “It’s just my luck!” He had to push his car all the way back to the farm. When he finally got to the farm, he pushed it into the barn. The car was leaking oil badly, and Brunswick said, “I’ve got to fix this car before it leaks a lake.”

Willie came over to see what was going on and looked at the oil puddle and tried to jump over it, but landed short and splashed a bit of oil on himself. Willie trotted over to the pigs rolling around in the mud, and he ran back to the mud puddles and jumped in.

Willie was a mess with oil stains and mud splotches. He got all the oil out of his coat except a couple of stripes on his back. He got very frustrated trying to get the oil stains out, and he just couldn’t manage to do so, and he just stopped trying. After this, all the zebras liked his new look and started to copy him.

This is how the zebra got its stripes and this is how it’s been for a hundred years. So now you know how the zebra got their stripes.