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Hispanic Heritage Month 2010
September 15 - October 15

A list of selected resources honoring Hispanic Heritage and Culture,
compiled by Flint Public Library staff.

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Hispanics and the Future of America
305.868 Hi

Hispanics and the Future of America presents details of the complex story of a population that varies in many dimensions, including national origin, immigration status, and generation. The papers in this volume draw on a wide variety of data sources to describe the contours of this population, from the perspectives of history, demography, geography, education, family, employment, economic well-being, health, and political engagement. They provide a rich source of information for researchers, policy makers, and others who want to better understand the fast-growing and diverse population that we call “Hispanic.”

Jennifer Lopez: A Biography by Kathleen Tracy
780.92 Lopez, J, Tr

One of Hollywood's first openly Latin stars, Jennifer Lopez has held fast to her New York Bronx roots, while rising above them to become the highest paid Latina actress in history. Her expansive body of work-ranging from film, music, and dance to television production and fashion-has broken down long-standing racial barriers and earned her a place in Forbes' 2007 list of the Top 20 Richest Women in Entertainment. In spite of several box office and a dramatic personal life that has made her the frequent target of tabloid gossip, this determined artist has managed to retain her place at the top of her field and stands poised to make more significant contributions to the entertainment industry.

Jerry Garcia : A Biography by Jacqueline Edmondson
780.92 Garcia, J Ed

As a founding member of The Grateful Dead, Jerry Garcia became famous for his work as a key creative force in this band. Known for free flowing jam sessions, psychedelic drug use, and a loyal fan base, The Grateful Dead combined a variety of genres, including blues, folk and country rock to create new and different sounds than those used by other popular bands at the time, including The Rolling Stones and The Beatles. Garcia contributed significantly to an era in American music that was influenced by social changes, war, and political strife.

Big Papi: My Story of Big Dreams and Big Hits by David Ortiz
796.35 Ortiz, D Or

Raised in the Dominican Republic, signed by the Seattle Mariners, and released by the Minnesota Twins, David Ortiz landed in baseball-crazy Boston, of all places. Generally regarded as an underachiever to that point in his career, Ortiz blossomed into one of the most feared and adored sluggers in baseball while altering the course of the game's history, helping Boston win its first World Series in eighty-six years and thereby breaking the infamous "Curse of the Bambino."

Clemente: The Passion and Grace of Baseball's Last Hero by David Maraniss
796.35 Clemente, R Ma

On New Year's Eve 1972, following eighteen magnificent seasons in the major leagues, Roberto Clemente died a hero's death, killed in a plane crash as he attempted to deliver food and medical supplies to Nicaragua after a devastating earthquake. David Maraniss now brings the great baseball player brilliantly back to life in Clemente: The Passion and Grace of Baseball's Last Hero, a book destined to become a modern classic. Much like his acclaimed biography of Vince Lombardi, When Pride Still Mattered, Maraniss uses his narrative sweep and meticulous detail to capture the myth and a real man.

Bandido: The Death and Resurrection of Oscar "Zeta" Acosta by Ilan Stavans
978 Acosta, O St

The Hispanic Malcolm X. Writer. Activist. Civil rights attorney. Obese, dark-skinned, and angry. Man with a surplus of personality. Man of vision. All the above describe Oscar "Zeta" Acosta. El Paso-born, Acosta became a leading figure in the Chicano rights movement of the 1960s and 1970s, winning landmark decisions in civil rights cases as an attorney. As a tireless writer and activist, he had a profound influence on his contemporaries. He seemed to be everywhere at once, knowing everyone in "el movimiento" and involving himself in many of its key moments. Tumultuous and prone to excess, he is the Samoan in Hunter S. Thompson's Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

Captain of the Sleepers by Mayra Montero
Fiction Montero

For fifty years, Andrés Yasin has carried a grudge against J. T. Bunker. Now eighty-three-years-old and dying, Bunker wants to tell his side of the story, the story of his affair with Estela, Andrés's mother. As a child Andrés knew Bunker as the "Captain of the Sleepers"--so called because he transported back to Vieques those who had died on the mainland but wished to be buried at home. But what really happened between Bunker and Estela, and between Estela and her one true love, a leader of the Puerto Rican Nationalist Movement? What did Andrés witness, and what were the real circumstances of his mother's mysterious death?

Man of Feeling by Javier Marias
Fiction Marias

Marías's riveting novel about an opera singer and an extramarital affair. Glinting like a moonstone with layers of emotion, The Man of Feeling is a sleek and strange tale of cosmopolitan love. An affair between a married woman and a young man just becoming an opera star (curiously helped along by the husband's factotum) meets with adamant resistance from the implacable husband.

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Children's Books

Beware! By Diana G. Gallagher
E/Reader Lev/4 Gallagher

Jenny Pinski is the biggest bully at Pine Tree Middle School. Claudia is paired up with her for a science project. Some of Jenny's ideas are awful, but Claudia is afraid to disagree with Jenny. Is her project doomed, or will Claudia find out there's more to this bully than bullying?

Max Goes to the Recycling Center By Adria F Klein
E/Reader Lev/PP Klein

Max is on another adventure. This time, he and his classmates are on a field trip to the recycling center. The guide at the center explains what items can be recycled and why it is important to recycle. As Max and his friends tour the center, they see how the materials are sorted into large bins for recycling.

Quinito, Day and Night By Ina Cumpiano
Spanish Easy Cumpiano

From dawn till dusk, Quinito’s life is full of opposites. This playful story builds awareness in young readers that everywhere they look, opposites abound. Told in both English and Spanish, Quinito, Day and Night is a delight for readers young or old, tall or short, messy or neat.

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Get involved! Experience Hispanic culture through music! Here's some suggested CDs:

en este camino
En Este Camino by Pistolera
781.62 SpamPiE

"Groove along with Pistolera, Sandra Lilia Velasquez and Ani Cordero's funky band, which blends together ranchera, cumbia, banda and rock sounds. Velasquez's intoxicating voice and her passion while playing the electric guitar matched with Cordero's driving drumming style make for quite a spectacular live performance." - The New York Post
She Wolf by Shakira
781.63 ShakSh

Shakira's brand new English album She Wolf is an uptempo pop album. It is all about synthesizers and electronical concepts, all mixed with the world sounds that we are used to from Shakira, sounds from countries like India, the Middle East and her home country of Colombia. Though most tracks on the upcoming album will be in English, Shakira chose to service the Spanish version of the first single, "Loba," two weeks before the English single is launched.

Refrescate! by Aline Barros
781.62 SpamBarrA

Discovering her passion for Christian music at an early age, nine-year-old Aline Barros participated in various ministries, even singing for group recordings. By age 14, she had already released her own gospel single “Thy Word,” which spent over a month on the Rio de Janeiro evangelical radio. "Refrescate" is one of the more recent albums from the Brazilian Gospel superstar.

Campeones by Fania All Stars
781.62 SpaMFanC

Fania All-Stars exploded on the salsa scene of the early '70s, featuring an accumulation of salsa stars and excellent musicians never before seen on one stage. Unfortunately, the same group that thrilled audiences didn't respond quite as well in the recorded medium, and especially not on compilations. Since they were a loose and jam-heavy collective, changing lineups frequently, their best work was done live, on practically side-long cuts that featured solos for nearly everyone on-stage. The two-disc Fania compilation Campeones is the first to do their entire career justice, and even better, it dedicates over half of its running time to live material.

Latin Street Party

Rough Guide to Latin Street Party
781.62 SpamRo

A party of Latin music can be a party indeed, and the cuts assembled for this compilation would keep any party humming loudly, and the feet moving. What the album illustrates is the rich variety of Latin music, where the rhythms percolate for the danceflloor, and the melodies are lush. All in all, a great party record, and a fabulous add for Latin music.

Lunada by Thalia
781.62 SpaMThL

Having scaled back her attempts to become an English-language crossover success (most notably her heavily promoted 2003 self-titled album), Mexican pop superstar Thalia seems at home on LUNADA, which features lyrics solely en Espanol. From the frenetic "Ten Paciencia" to the light "Con Este Amor" to the New Wave-tinged "Solo Se Vive Una Vez," the Latino icon dives into each song assuredly and with gusto, making this '08 outing a fun, immediately appealing affair.

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Celebramos! Celebrate Hispanic Heritage with these films:

Chop Shop

Che -Parts 1 & 2 (2009) Directed by Stephen Soderbergh
DVD Spanish Fiction Che 1
DVD Spanish Fiction Che 2

Far from a conventional biopic, Steven Soderberghs film about Che Guevara is a fascinating exploration of the revolutionary as icon. Daring in its refusal to make the socialist leader into an easy martyr or hero,CHE paints a vivid, naturalistic portrait of the man himself (with a stunning, Cannes-award-winning performance by Benicio del Toro), from his overthrow of the Batista dictatorship, to his 1964 United Nations trip, to the end of his short life.


Gigante (2009) Directed by Adrian Beniez
DVD Spanish Fiction Gigante

Jara is a shy and lonely 35-year-old security guard at a supermarket on the outskirts of Montevideo. He works the night shift, monitoring the surveillance cameras of the entire building. One night Jara discovers Julia, a 25-year-old cleaning woman, through one of the cameras and is immediately attracted to her. Night after night, he watches her on the cameras while she works. Soon he starts following her after work: to the cinema, the beach and even to a date with another man. Jara's life becomes a series of routines and rituals around Julia, but eventually he finds himself at a crossroad and must decide whether to give up his obsession or confront it.

Pan's Labyrinth

Rudo Y Cursi (2009) Directed by Carlos Cuaron
DVD Spanish Fiction Rudo

Bernal and Luna are two unruly hick stepbrothers in rural Mexico, united by a mother with questionable taste in men and their shared love for beer, fútbol and outdoing one another. When a fast-talking agent discovers their talents on the soccer field, but insists he can only make one of them a star, a new path for their rivalry suddenly emerges, taking them from their dusty banana plantation to the big stadiums—and bigger temptations—of Mexico City.

Chop Shop

Sin Nombre (2009) Directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga
DVD Spanish Fiction Sin

Seeking the promise of America, a beautiful young woman, Sayra (Paulina Gaitan), joins her father on an odyssey to cross the gauntlet of the Latin American countryside. Along the way, she crosses paths with a teenaged Mexican gang member, El Casper (Edgar M. Flores), who is maneuvering to outrun his violent past. Together they have to rely on faith, trust and street smarts if they are to survive their increasingly perilous journey towards the hope of new lives.


Pan's Labyrinth

Latin Music USA (2009)
DVD 784.61 La

LATIN MUSIC USA highlights the great American music created by Latinos, and celebrates the Latin rhythms at the heart of jazz, rock, country, and rhythm and blues. It's a fresh take on American musical history, reaching across five decades to portray the rich mix of sounds created by Latinos and embraced by all.

Chop Shop

George Lopez: Tall, Dark and Chicano (2009)
DVD 792.7 Ge

Latino pride reigns in this comedy special from one of America's top funnymen. In Tall, Dark & Chicano, nothing is safe from George Lopez's wit, including the sacred purity (and gas-inducing tendencies) of Mexican food, the joy of Sonia Sotomayor's confirmation as a Supreme Court judge, and the silliness of Caucasian baby names.

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Celebrate! Learn about Hispanic history and culture from these websites:

Hispanic Americans in Congress - http://www.loc.gov/rr/hispanic/congress/
Biographies of Hispanic Americans who have in the United States Congress.

Hispanic Heritage Month - http://hispanicheritagemonth.gov/
The Library of Congress hosts this site full of stories, activities and exhibits for Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Awards - http://www.hispanicheritage.org/hispanic.php
The Hispanic Heritage Awards have grown into the most prestigious Hispanic honor and event in America; celebrating Hispanic pride, culture and accomplishment. Each year, the Honorees serve as a reminder through their uncommon achievements that no dream is beyond reach with hard work, vision and ganas.

Impacto, Influencia, Cambio - http://www.smithsonianeducation.org/scitech/impacto/graphic/
Highlights the lives and accomplishments of inventors, aviators, astronauts, and the everyday people of Latin America and the southwestern United States who have affected science and technology.

Hispanic Culture Online Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month - http://www.hispanic-culture-online.com/
Who are Hispanic Americans? Who are Hispanics? More or less we are the strongest minority driving force in the U.S. today. We are here to enjoy and grow with this wonderful country without forgetting our roots!

Hispanic Biographies - http://www.biography.com/hispanic-heritage/index.jsp
Biographies of famous Hispanics and Hispanic-Americans are the focus of this site from the Biography Channel.

4 2 Explore Latino Culture - http://www.42explore2.com/latino.htm
Geared for children, 4 2 Explore has an introduction to the topic and four recommended links for further study.

Hispanic Heritage Month Activities - http://teacher.scholastic.com/activities/hispanic/
From Scholastic Press, this site for teachers and students on Hispanic Culture contains activities, a research starter and a teacher’s guide.

National Register of Historic Places - http://www.nps.gov/history/nr/feature/hispanic/
Highlights various properties listed in the National Register, travel itineraries, lesson plans and National Parks that deal directly with the cultural and political experiences of Hispanic Americans.

Notable Hispanic-American Leaders and Activists - http://www.infoplease.com/spot/hhmbio3.html
Biographies of prominent Hispanic Americans, from the Infoplease Online Almanac.

Barela-Reynolds House, Mesilla, NM

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